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IBMYP/Common Core

Authorized International Baccalaureate Programme at VMMS

Vista Magnet Middle School earned their Authorization in April 2012 and marked a journey that began in 2007. The process was extensive and our work instructionally challenged us to THINK creatively and globally. myp-eng-2012.jpg


With Common Core National Standards are being released in most states, VMMS is proud to say that our staff dedication with implementing the IB philosophy, curriculum and organizational structures. Now, we our high schools and VMMS who offer IB recently (January 2013) presented on the alignment, click HERE for the presentation.


You will often see your son or daughter engaged in discussion about what it takes to be an “IB Learner,” a person who is a thinker, an inquirer, a communicator, a risk-taker, knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, reflective and balanced. These are the qualities of a VMMS Viper that we cherish and celebrate. Please watch this website for updates about IB news at VMMS, and for more information about the International Baccalaureate and the Middle Years Programme, please proceed to the following links, IB brochure, click HERE & MYP Flyer, Click HERE.

The IB Philosophy:learner profile puzzle.jpg

The IB philosophy is contained within the IB Learner Profile, which aims to “develop internationally-minded people, who, recognizing our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.”



Community & Service:

So, Why Should I Become Involved In Our Community?

Community and Service projects will give you opportunities to serve your local and global communities and to develop into a responsible, caring citizen. Volunteering provides you with a chance to change the world and discover how you can contribute your unique talents and energy to those in need. You will soon find that practicing selflessness in your community will make you a happier person, too. As you see what you are accomplishing in your world, you will feel terrific about yourself!

Think about how a Community and Service project brings these Mission Statements to life!


What Opportunities Are There For Me?

Independent Projects:

As you look at the community around you, and the greater global community, you will begin to see many interesting opportunities to become involved in. Here are just a few that you may already know about:

  1. Recycling projects
  2. Tree planting events
  3. Volunteering at a senior center
  4. Tutoring younger children
  5. Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts programs
  6. Reading to younger children at the public library
  7. Helping at the animal shelter
  8. Working at the local homeless shelter
  9. Helping out at your old elementary school
  10. Participating in local government
  11. Working with organizations like Special Olympics or Angel’s Depot

If you are not certain your idea would count for an independent project, drop by and have a chat with Mrs. Jacobsen.


School Projects:

VMMS will be providing many opportunities for Community and Service this year. Some of these events are off-campus, supervised events, and some are right here at VMMS! The attached calendar lists our planned events, but watch and listen for additional announcements in our daily bulletin and on our website (

Think about how Community and Service events/projects will make you a more principled person.


What Does Not Count For Community And Service?

Community and service events/projects are activities that help the greater community. So, chores that you do for your family and activities that you are paid for (like babysitting) do not count. Remember, you are giving away your talents and energy!


How Many Events Do I Need To Complete Each Year?

Each year, you must complete at least 3 events. They will look like this:

6th grade 3 events

7th grade 3 events; one must be at least 4 hours long

8th grade 3 events; one must be at least 4 hours long; one must support your 8th grade Capstone Project Area of Interaction


What Do I Need to Hand In?

  1. First, complete the Community and Service Plan. Please talk with your parents as you create a plan, so that they can help you and maybe join in!
  2. When you finish an event, complete an Event/Project Reflection online using Moodle. The purpose of this is to have you spend some serious time thinking about the value of your experience, so please write thorough reflections. By the end of the year, you will have 3 completed reflections.
  3. Lastly, you will complete the Final Reflection.


All the forms you need are right here. Please keep all the forms together in and submit them on Moodle.

As you plan your events, think about how you can be a risk-taker and try something completely new!


Where and When Do I Turn in My Community Service Reflections?

  • ALL of your events are DUE on Thursday, May 16, 2013.


What If I Owe Community and Service From Last Year?

If you did not do all your Community and Service events last year, you must make them up this year. Please drop by the office if you are not sure how much you still need to complete.


Where Do I Find Answers If I Have Questions?

Check out Moodle for fast answers. Ask any adult on campus or come see Mrs. Jacobsen in the office.